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Wednesday, August 7 2013

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: new venue and closure dates

SUNDAY CLASSES, NEW VENUE: Due to the definitive closure of the Man on the Moon, the SUNDAY CLASSES WILL MOVE to the Cambridge Workingmen's Club on East Road FROM SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST. Larger dancefloor, 3 levels of classes, central location, free parking, low cost bar and a fantastic party atmosphere, we're coming back bigger and better in September for the best and friendliest Cuban salsa club in town!

SUMMER CLOSURE DATES: In order to prepare for the new formula, we are taking a break on the two last Sundays of August (CLOSED on Sunday August 18th and August 25th), but there might still be some rueda at the park on those dates, depending on Barbara's availability, the weather and popular demand. The last date at the Man on the Moon is therefore this Sunday August 11th, let's make it a big one to bid farewell to a venue which we will always remember as having been a legendary one.

THURSDAY CLASSES: The THURSDAYS at the Cambridge Workingmen's Club are all REMAINING OPEN in August. Two hours of classes, three levels, two DJs, fantastic atmosphere... The perfect balance between a good space for practice time and a great clubby feeling for the party. Not to be missed!

The new academic year will bring lots of new goodies with special courses, invited star teachers and live concerts: lots of fantastic projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more!



Monday, June 24 2013

Deconstructing Casino: the 12 basic moves of Cuban salsa

The PDF document attached to this post is the result of a bit of reflection led while defining my Cuban salsa/Casino teaching programme at intermediate level. It also covers some of the material I teach at intermediate level during a few salsa congresses in the UK.

At beginners level, we usually teach some basic steps and Enchufla/Dile que No/Vuelta, with lots of emphasis on making people feel comfortable, welcome, confident and entertained, and only limited emphasis on technicality. Then, at intermediate level, the question arises: what tools should you give your Cuban salsa students to help them learn the longer routines more efficiently once they reach the higher levels? What is going to help them for the rest of their salsa life?

Through observation and analysis, the following list of 12 moves came up, which cover a large proportion of the "situations" met in longer routines. Learning them allows to approach Cuban salsa as a foreign language: while beginner's moves are like a basic alphabet, the 12 moves are like the words which would be used to compose longer sentences at higher levels. From the learner's perspective, knowing these moves does help to "decode" longer routines more efficiently by training the perception of elementary moves in longer routines. From the teacher's perspective, each of the 12 moves is also an occasion to focus on one particular technical skill such as space awareness, leading/following, particular turn techniques etc.

This list of moves is given here as a handout to help Cuban salsa students remembering the classes, but it is also hoped that it will help other teachers defining their own syllabus. This list is probably neither exhaustive nor perfect, and certainly does not aim at defining any rigid truth about Casino. I would actually be highly interested in your feedback and comments (cf instructions below on how to leave a comment on this website). Is that an adequate list? Should other basic moves be added to complete this list of "Lego blocks" to construct and de-construct Casino moves while teaching or learning Cuban salsa? Please tell us what you think! :-)

The handout can be downloaded from this link: The 12 basic moves of Cuban salsa, PDF handout

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-DJ Sacha

PS: Yielding to popular demand, here are some youtube links. But:
PLEASE NOTE / DISCLAIMER: These videos are only here to give a rough visual impression of the move, which is more effective than a textual description. We do not guarantee that the execution depicted in these videos is standard or even "correct": that's only whatever we could find on Youtube. Please do consult with a qualified teacher to verify and polish your moves.

1) Enchufla and 2) Dile que No

3) Vuelta a.k.a. Hecho a.k.a. Pimienta

I usually teach these moves as "4 moves for the price of 1": vuelta led with left hand, or led with right hand, or vacilala (no hands) or sombrero (two hands) are essentially the same move with hand variations.
Vuelta a.k.a Pimienta:


Vuelta Vacilala:

4) Enchufla Ronde low/high

6) Paseala al Frente

6) Sacala / Exhibela

7) Paseala por Abajo y por Atras

8) Adios con la Prima

9) Cubanito, Cubanita, El Uno, El Dos

Cubanito/Cubanita are pre-requisites to El Uno/El Dos:

El Uno:

El Dos: essentially Cubanito followed by a full Sombrero:

10) Enrocate

I usually teach Enrocate as a pre-requisite to a "safe" Coca-Cola, and to help people to get the directions right:

11) Coca Cola

12) Siete a.k.a. Panque

Friday, January 13 2012

NEW weekly Cuban salsa class in Cambridge on Thursdays!

Cambridge Cuban Salsa is CCS_flyer_2011_back.jpg very excited to announce the launch of the new THURSDAY SALSA SOCIAL CLUB on January 19th. Don't miss the opening day, there will be FREE CDs and a RAFFLE. We are soooo looking forward to this!

What is this all about:

Every Thursday, 19:30-23:45
Cambridge Working Men's Club,
125 East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB. (Opposite the Crown Court.)

This is the project which might bring your Cuban salsa to a whole new level. The Thursday Salsa Social Club, that is:


  • 19:30-20:30 : a 50' SPECIALTY WORKSHOP for all levels, in styles related to Cuban salsa, such as Cha Cha Cha, body movement, Son, Rumba, Orishas, Bachata, musicality, techniques such as dancing on fast tracks, dancing in small spaces etc. EVERY WEEK A NEW THEME: diversity, to make your dancing really rich and three dimensional, and lots of fun discovering new styles and new techniques!
  • 20:30-21:30: a 50' CLASS OF CUBAN SALSA at 3 levels, beginners / improvers / intermediates. Each level has a programme of moves attached to it. LEARN FASTER AND IMPROVE YOUR CONFIDENCE WITH A STRUCTURED SYLLABUS: think learning to read, first you learn the letters, then the words, then the sentences. At each stage you know exactly what your level is, you get clear explanations and you have enough material to enjoy dancing with confidence at your own level. Bye bye confusion!
  • SPECIAL BEGINNERS SALSA COURSE: beginners will be led through our specially designed beginners syllabus which aims at giving new dancers all the necessary basics to have fun with salsa right from the start. This course will boost your confidence before joining the improvers class. No partner needed, as you will be introduced to other dancers of the same level.
  • QUALIFIED TEACHERS AND RESPONSIBLE TEACHING: BEKI SAUNDERS ( is your guest teacher every week. She is qualified from both the IDTA and the ISTD. DJ SACHA has followed a UKA teacher training. They have both been noticeable members of the UK's Cuban salsa scene for many years, and have been actively training with widely recognized teachers such as Kerry Ribchester, Ariel Rios and others. Positive energy to lift your mood, wide smiles and fun jokes, yet a solid knowledge of Cuban salsa and no compromise whatsoever on responsible teaching.

A MIXED TEACHING COUPLE: as much advice for the ladies as for the gents!
WE START ON TIME: more dancing for the social!

THE VENUE CCS_flyer_2011_front.jpg

It's all superlatives and it can't get any better:

  • Central location. Free parking available.
  • Large, wooden dance floor. Effective air conditioning.
  • Low cost bar (e.g., £1.60 for a pint of lager).

The dance space has its own bar, separated from the regular pub area, which means no hassle from non-salsa patrons.


Oooooh my gooood:

  • 21:30 - BOOOOM! Maximum Cuban party with DJ SACHA on the decks.

As you know, that means: a balanced blend of all-time favourites and cutting edge unreleased new tracks which give you an irresistible urge to dance and which boost up your mood for the rest of the MONTH!

  • The party is TOTALLY FREE for members (see membership below).

With a low cost bar. And a great DJ. And some quality party lighting. And a fine tuned sound system. And lots of happy people. 'Nuff said, you wouldn't believe. Just try it and see for yourself!


Practical info:

Every Thursday, 19:30-23:45
Cambridge Working Men's Club,
125 East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB. (Opposite the Crown Court.)

1 class or workshop £6.
Class+workshop bundle £8.
Half price for students upon presentation of a valid student ID.
Introduce a friend = get a free class.
Party FREE, membership required. Membership: one-off £15 for yearly membership from January to January. Comes with a free class and right to use the Working Men's Club facilities at all times (including outside of salsa hours; lounge area, snooker, pool table, darts, low cost drinks etc.).

Contact/more info:
Mobile: DJ Sacha on 079 03 828 017
Facebook: join group "Cambridge Cuban Salsa"
or befriend "DjSacha Cambridge"