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Monday, April 25 2011

Son / Cuban Salsa On2 workshop with Damarys Farres and Juan Carlos Pacheco, May 14th 2011

When: Saturday May 14th - 14:30-18:30
Where: StPaul's Centre, Hills Road Cambridge CB2 1JP

Note: This workshop is happening on the same day as Leandro's 100% Cuban Party evening at the Romsey Labour Club, Mill rd off Coleridge, CB1 3NL, 20:30. Double good reason for a trip to Cambridge!

Once more it is an immense honour for Cambridge Cuban Salsa to welcome:

Director of the Cuban School of Arts
Cuba / London

- and -

Professional dancer, Superior Art Institute of Cuba
Cuba / Peterborough

If you are a regular of the main Cuban congresses in the UK, you have seen them everywhere:

  • She is the absolute master of all Cuban forms of dance, from the original Arara, Palo and Rumba forms up to the most modern Casino and Reggaeton styles; her performances as Goddess of Beauty Oshún have been widely acclaimed, and her glowing positive energy and charm have enchanted many a salsa Student: she is DAMARYS FARRES, director of the Cuban School of Arts.
  • He is the ultimate Son performer and teacher, smooth as the devil, macho a lo Cubano; he is maintaining a thriving Cuban salsa scene in Peterborough; did you know that he trained and worked as a professional dancer with the most prestigious groups before settling in the UK? He is JUAN CARLOS PACHECO, the king of the tornillos.

Not convinced yet? Have a look at this:

What do you think now?
Maybe something like "I want to dance like these people"?

SON is often described as the grandfather of Salsa and is danced on the counter-time (sometimes referred to as "on2"). Why should one care about such a seemingly old dancing style? Well, old things bring new ones, and you will find that dancing the son step on some of the newest Timba tunes feels incredibly good, and can bring a whole new dimension to your dancing. Most Cubans actually dance salsa on the son / counter-time step most of the time! When new steps start feeling old, old steps bring some renewal. Well, behind the philosophical pun you got the point: it's all about diversity, fun and adding new dimensions to your dancing.

Check this one to see what can happen when dancing "son moderno", modern son:

Amazing, isn't it?

Son will definitely add smoothness and flow to your salsa, REGARDLESS OF WHICH STYLE YOU ARE USED TO DANCE. And with DAMARYS and JUAN CARLOS as teachers, you are guaranteed to learn with THE BEST TEACHERS IN THE UK. Don't miss such a great opportunity!


Workshop price:
4hrs workshop including refreshments:
£30 in advance / £35 at the door
Student price:
£20 in advance / £25 at the door

Advance booking can be done:

  • directly with DJ Sacha on Wednesdays at the Romsey Labour Club, Mondays at Orchard Park or Da Cuban Room at USC (details on
  • Online with the PayPal button below, UNTIL FRIDAY MAY 13th at 6PM. Please note: you DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to book online, just use a credit card by clicking the "continue" link under "Don't have a PayPal account?" on the PayPal page.

ONLINE BOOKING IS NOW CLOSED, but tickets will be available at the door. We are looking forward to seeing you there to share the good times!

We are hoping to see many of you for this extraordinary workshop with top teachers, happening right here in Cambridge, the new hip spot for Cuban salsa int he UK!

- DJ Sacha, Cambridge Cuban Salsa

Sunday, April 24 2011


PURO SABOR CUBANO! - SPECIAL Mini- Festival - MASTER BOOT CAMP organised by the CSARts with our dance teachers & musician associates is now back with 6 DAYS of DANCE & MUSIC master bootcamp workshops with your favourite Cuban artists plus new ones. From Monday 18th April till Sat 23rd April, including egg hunting :-)- this is a mini-feast not to be missed- If you are around during these days join us in this delightful, uplifting, nurturing, authentic, passionate, short and intense Mini-Festival! Brought to you with our hearts.

Brought to you by - Damarys Farres ( CSArts director, UK's Cuban Salsa Champion, UKA qualified teacher)

Monday 18th April Friday 22nd classes are from 7pm- 9pm
Saturday 23rd April special from 3-9pm

  • After party TBC

Address: The Place, 17 Duke Road WC1H

Mon 18- Leandro Charanga & Damarys Farres- 7-8pm REGAETTON 8-9pm SALSATON
Tue 19- Juan Carlos Pacheco & Damarys Farres- EL SON NO SE VA A MORIR - 7-8pm(Styling, shines, footwork) 8-9pm SON couple
Wed 20- Homero Gonzales & Damarys Farres - 7-8 RUMBA YAMBU 8-9pm RUMBA GUAGUANCO
Thu 21- Cesar Pacheco & Damarys Farres- Timba/Casino/Salsa Beyond spinning- the Cuban turns -7-8pm (Styling, shines, footwork) 8-9pm partner work
Fri 22- Leo Henriquez & Damarys Farres 7-8pm Musicality SALSA/CASINO (Percussion class) de 8-9pm RUEDA
Sat 23 - Miguel Gonzalez, Yurisan & Damarys Farres- AFRO-CUBAN Dance & Music classes & FRANCO-HAITIANO Dance classes 3-9pm

Some classes are taught with live music

  • All classes are different and 2 or more teachers will be covering the classes so all levels are welcome ( from complete beginners to professional dance/teachers). Please check the programme. Some changes may be necessary

Flexible Payment - You can book per hour, day or for whole 6 days in advance and save money, plus secure your place as spaces are limited!

£ 10 ph in adv
£ 15 ph on door
£ 50 per 6 hours which can be taken during the Festival
£99 per 15 hrs (collecting £30 deposit*) before the 30Marchl & for students of CSArts booked in Orishas course starting on Sat 30 April
£109 per 15 hrs (collecting £30 deposit*) before the 10 April
£119 AFTER

For those who are booking for the whole Mini-Festival evening parties are including free of charge. JOIN US!

Limited spaces! HURRY and send your deposit in now

All workshops start with Warm-Up so please be ready to start 5mins before the first class, they will finish with cool-down and stretching exercises.

During the first class we are going to be working on male-female style, foot-work, musicality, coordination, body movements, isolation plus. Second class we are concentrating on partner work except in some workshops such as Reggaeton, Rumba & Afro which will have a different approach. You will benefit from having in each class a female and male teacher

For further info and how to BOOK NOW contact us asap.

  • Deposit are not refundable.

A gozar que llego CSArts!

Damarys Farres (The Cuban School of Arts)
+ 44 (0) 7788 110421