SALSA CALIENTE gives YOU three times twice more for its third edition:

When: Sunday October 11th, 20:00-23:30
Where: The Castle pub, Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR

  • Live music with 2 FAMOUS SOLO PLAYERS:

To the right, BRANT TILDS on the congas; to the left ARMANDO RIVAS on the bongo.
Expect fiery rythmic sets.

  • DJ sets with 2 OF YOUR LOCAL DJ STARS:

To the right, DJ VISH, alias the smooth Cross-body operator; to the left, DJ SACHA, alias the Che of Cuban style.
Expect a friendly battle with the cream of the top best tunes on each side.

  • Corona beers with 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE:

To the right, Corona bottle one; to the left, Corona bottle two.
Expect to get refreshed.

And on that occasion, we double the entry fee, which is zero pounds... SO YOU KEEP GETTING ALL THIS FOR FREE!

How do you like your Salsa?