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Monday, July 19 2010

DJ Sacha

DJSacha_Promo_Pic_smaller.jpg DJ Sacha combines a rare mix of skills which guarantees the best possible entertainment for your party.

For more information please use this contact form or call us on the mobile number pictured at the bottom of this page.

Musical taste - DJ Sacha's live mixes gather energetic tracks that truly transmit salsa's positive energy to the audience, and form a balanced mix of ageless favourites and bleeding edge hits. He pays particular attention to anticipating the crowd's reactions, in order to keep the energy up and the danceefloor full. Guaranteed to keep you dancing until the end of the night!

"DJ Sacha's selection is fresh, yet up to date. I love it." - Dean, London.

"I had never heard some of the tracks before, but they were so good I couldn't stop dancing! I was pleasantly surprised." - Lorraine, Manchester.

Dance teaching and entertainment - Sacha's ability to lead fun dance line ups and taster classes guarantees that everyone gets a chance to dance and to love a salsa party. For the past 5 years, Sacha has developed a long dance teaching and entertainment experience in the framework of local group classes, private one-to-one classes, primary school activities, city council sports events, corporate events and hen/stag nights. Thus, he has a track record of helping people of all abilities to become confident on the dancefloor and to enjoy salsa dancing at their own level.

"Thanks to your dance lineups during our wedding party, everyone was able to enjoy the live salsa band and had so much fun. Thank you!" - Miranda and Tim, Cambridge.

Salsa promotions - For hassle-free event organisation, nothing beats hiring an experienced salsa promoter. Sacha has organized and promoted many Cuban salsa events and parties which have revived, developed and grown the Cuban salsa scene in the region of Cambridge, and he is now helping with a number of other Cuban salsa projects in East Anglia and the UK (information available on For your own event, just pick a venue, and Sacha can provide lighting and a sound system, advise on room arrangements and decoration, advise on the schedule which will keep your guests happy and entertained at the appropriate moments, and more. Just rely on your DJ for organisation details, and let your mind be free to take care of your guests and enjoy the party.

"DJSacha_beach_BW.jpg If DJs were all playing the same thing all the time, it would be boring. A good DJ is one who plays some familiar tracks to make people feel at home, but also brings people to uncharted territory and exotic destinations, with taste, good judgement and respect for the guests, catering for experienced dancers and beginners alike."
"A DJ also has to express personality in his choice of tracks. I'd say my choice is more towards positive, happy tracks, with something interesting in the tumbao, and lots of musicality. But if the crowd wants commercial tracks, that's no worries, in the end it's about having a good time."
"I like challenges. My best souvenir is a wedding party where a Venezuelian groom married a German bride in the UK. I had to please everyone, from the Latino granny to the Berliner emo teen niece, and the British guests too. Did a bit of research, updated my knowledge of the German top 100 (used to live in Germany a few years ago), and in the end the mix included something for everyone, evolving seamlessly between the styles. Did you know that Heart of Glass from Kim Wilde starts with a salsa beat, or that some merengue tracks mix great with Gangnam Style? That's what I'm talking about. In the end everyone had a great time and was stunned to discover that German pop and 80es hits could be blended with salsa in a completely seamless way. Everyone had a good time and that's what matters most: a great party that people will remember equals mission accomplished." - DJ Sacha, Cambridge

DJ Sacha is available on demand for salsa services including DJing, dance classes (Cuban salsa, Bachata and Merengue), hen parties, wedding animations, musical workshops, salsa demos, salsa artist bookings and sound system hire for small and medium venues. Please use this contact form to get more information, or call the number below.

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Enjoy DJ Sacha's music selection and dance teaching at the Cambridge Cuban Salsa socials as well as at the following events:

Past events:

Friday, May 29 2009


CAMBRIDGE CUBAN SALSA has the immense pleasure of welcoming SUSAN HACKING in CAMBRIDGE for a special workshop entitled: CUBAN ESSENCE, on Saturday, June 6th, 2009.

Have you ever wondered what makes the Cuban style of salsa so unique and so special? After all, "it's all salsa", isn't it?

To answer that question in the most delightful way, we are very lucky to receive SUSAN HACKING in Cambridge for a special workshop entitled "CUBAN ESSENCE".

You have probably met Susan in many of the great Cuban salsa congresses of the UK, or regularly at the Buffalo Bar or other Salsa Caribe venues in London. If so, then you have certainly been charmed by the combination of deep understanding of the Cuban movements, spotless pedagogy and uplifting feelings which characterise her classes.

During the workshop, she will illustrate the uniqueness and variety of the Cuban style through its characteristic body movements, some of them connected with Son and Rumba. This promises to be a mind and body opening experience for both male and female salsa dancers.

This workshop follows the two very successful first editions, "Casino workshop" with Richard Fallon in April, and "Son workshop" with Juan Carlos Pacheco in May, which have seen many dancers returning enchanted of their participation. Don't miss out on that one!

Event programme:

  • 16:30 - 18:30 : "Cuban Essence" workshop with Susan,

All levels together. Venue: StPaul's Centre, Hills rd off StPaul's rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

There will be the now traditional informal restaurant outing between the workshop and the party.

  • 21:00 - 02:00 : Cambridge Cuban Social Club party

Great music and friendly atmosphere, Timba, Son, Rumba, Reggaeton, Bachata. Venue: Romsey Labour Club, Mill rd off Coleridge, CB1 3NL


  • Workshop + party, advance notice by email £15.-
  • Workshop + party, at the door: £18.-
  • Workshop + party, students price: £10.-
  • Party only: £5.-


-- CCS Team


Tuesday, April 28 2009


CAMBRIDGE CUBAN SALSA is delighted to bring you JUAN CARLOS PACHECO for a SON WORKSHOP in CAMBRIDGE, on Saturday, May 9th.

If you're a regular of the main Cuban congresses in the UK, you've seen him everywhere. He's the ultimate Son performer and teacher, smooth as the devil, macho a lo Cubano: JUAN CARLOS PACHECO, the king of the tornillos.

Not convinced yet? Have a look at this:
What do you think now?
Maybe something like "I want to dance like this guy"?

CAMBRIDGE CUBAN SALSA has the immense pleasure to welcome JUAN CARLOS in CAMBRIDGE for a SON WORKSHOP on Saturday, May 9th, at the StPaul's Centre, before the Cambridge Cuban Social Club party at the Labour Club on the same day.

SON is often described as the grandfather of Salsa. Why should one care about such an old dancing style, you will wonder? Well, old things bring new ones, and you may find that dancing the son step on some of the newest Timba tunes feels incredibly good, and can bring a whole new dimension to your dancing. When new steps start feeling old, old steps bring some renewal. Well, behind the philosophical pun you got the point: it's all about diversity, fun and adding new dimensions to your dancing.

Event programme:

  • 17:00 - 19:00 : Son workshop with Juan Carlos

All levels together. Venue: StPaul's Centre, Hills rd off StPaul's rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

  • 21:00 - 02:00 : Cambridge Cuban Social Club party

Same great music and friendly atmosphere, Timba, Son, Rumba, Reggaeton, Bachata. Venue: Romsey Labour Club, Mill rd off Coleridge, CB1 3NL



-- CCS Team


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