If you came to the Cambridge Cuban Salsa (CCS) classes, you already know that the Cambridge Working men's Club (CWMC) is a fantastic venue, with a great dancefloor, lots of space to dance, convenient parking space, safe and clean facilities etc. But what you may not have noticed is that the CWMC is first and foremost a member's club distinct from the salsa organisation. In order for salsa to happen there in good conditions, the CWMC would like everyone to be aware of a couple of rules:

  • In order to use the bar or the club's parking lot, you must be a CWMC member.
  • However, non-members are allowed access to the salsa classes: it is totally fine to attend the salsa classes without being a CWMC member as long as you are not using the bar or the parking lot, and as long as you are signed in at the door.
  • CWMC members are allowed to bring up to two guests, so if you are a member you are allowed to invite other salsa people for a drink.

The CWMC membership fees for 2015 are:

  • £18 for first-time membership (which includes a £5 joining fee)
  • £13 for renewals
  • is even cheaper for pensioners.

We think that access to the bar, the free parking and other club facilities such as Sky TV, pool tables etc. makes it well worth taking the membership. But to make it even better, CCS GIVES YOU A FREE CLASS on the day you become a member!

Generally, taking the CWMC membership is helping CCS to keep a good relationship with the CWMC. Besides, the CWMC is a charity so your membership will also help with the club's social and educational goals.

Membership forms are available at the door when attending the salsa.

Many thanks for your support! -DjS