The air is warm, the sun is lowering on the horizon. Here you are, standing at a street corner of Havana city. The music is in your head, in your heart, in your feet. It could be Los Van Van's "Chapeando", NG La Banda's "Santa Palabra", or Bamboleo's "Opening Studio 10". Good tracks, pure energy, the one which will carry you until the end of the night, out of time, into the higher place where the Orishas live and move.

A site dedicated to the development of Cuban Salsa in Cambridge, its surroundings, and beyond.

Few people know that there are many styles of salsa. Cuban salsa is one of them, one of the richest. It is deeply rooted into the history and traditions of Cuba, one of the rare places on Earth to have seen such a diversity of cultural crossbreeding, between Europe, Africa and the Americas; an island where successive changes have brought a series of destructions and rebirths, and where successive shocks have kept the wind of change blowing. The result is a fascinating musical genre, where traditional influences melt with the craziest innovations. It is also a fascinating dancing style, where personal creativity, body expression, partner connection and social aspects take more importance than technical skills.

This is what we like, and this is what we wish to share with you, first and foremost in person, through the parties and workshops we organize, but also remotely through this website. We will regularly post some information about local and distant events, and we maintain a list of the Cuban salsa classes in and around Cambridge. Feel free and encouraged to contribute to this site through your comments and reviews: this site is your site, for you to share the pleasure and discovery of Cuban salsa with the dancers of Cambridge and beyond.

Welcome to this website. We wish you lots of pleasure browsing it.

-- Cambridge Cuban Salsa team :-)