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A club dedicated to the development of Cuban Salsa in Cambridge, its surroundings, and beyond. This website is maintained primarily by DJ Sacha. Cambridge Cuban Salsa promotes and provides weekly salsa classes and monthly salsa parties locally and throughout the UK. In Cambridge, CCS operates salsa classes on Thursdays and salsa classes on Sundays. We can also recommend other salsa classes, DJs and events in the Cambridge area and in East Anglia. The latest news about the salsa scene is available below, and more information is available through browsing the top menu or the right side bar.

6 weeks course with ETIAN ANTUCHE and ARIEL RIOS, April/May 2015, Cambridge

When: 6 Sundays in April/May 2015, 18:00-23:00
Where: Cambridge Working Men's Club, 125 East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB.

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Cambridge Cuban Salsa is absolutely delighted and excited to open a 6 weeks course featuring:

ETIAN ANTUCHE ALMEIDA, National School of Art La Habana, former Ballet Rakatan
ARIEL RIOS ROBERT, "Ary el Professor", former director of the Conjunto Folklorico of University of Havana.

6 Sundays at the Cambridge Working Men's Club, 125 East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB (parking available), in April/May:
18:00-19:00: CLOSED GROUP, available upon advance booking only.
19:00-19:30: social break/dinner break.
19:30-20:30: Drop-in class with the invited teacher.
20:30-23:00: Paaaaarty time!


  • Sunday April 19th: Etian
  • Sunday April 26th: Etian (TBC)
  • Sunday May 3rd: Ariel
  • Sunday May 10th: Etian
  • Sunday May 17th: Ariel
  • Sunday May 24th: Etian

The course will focus on Cuban movement, including Rumba tricks you can use to make your dancing more fun and more authentic. This is a unique opportunity to practice in a CLOSED GROUP for continuous progress with two of the most influential teachers available in the UK today!

Etian graduated as a professional contemporary dancer from the prestigious National School of Art in Habana. His career includes blockbuster dance shows such as Havana Rakatan, with which he toured around the world between 2006 and 2009. On the UK's Cuban salsa scene, he is known for his unique and inspirational way of blending Cuban salsa with contemporary movement. His classes in Cambridge during the AfroSalsa festival got absolutely enthusiastic reviews, so we are bringing him back for this cycle of workshops!

No need to present "Ary the Professor" in Cambridge anymore, since he has been our "grandmaster of Cuban salsa" for some fantastic monthly classes at the Cambridge Cuban Salsa Sundays since the past four years. Genuine Cuban flavour mixed with the expertise of a highly qualified teacher: you get the best of everything. Ariel is regularly invited to teach and perform at international congresses such as the one below in Riga:

The classes are followed by our Cuban Salsa party, which has been rocking the Cuban scene in Cambridge for the past five years. Brilliant music is supplied by DJ Sacha whose fresh yet up to date selection of danceable Cuban music has been validated by invitations to play at the most prestigious of the UK's Cuban congresses such as the Bournemouth International Cuban Salsa Congress, the Tropicalentura South Wales Cuban Congress and the AfroCuban Pati weekender series. For a taste of the music, click the Cambridge Cuban Salsa podcast below:

What is included in this 6 weeks course:
This 6 weeks master class includes 1hr of weekly class in a CLOSED GROUP available only upon advance booking, from 18:00 to 19:00. Please note: the closed group is not suitable for beginners. If in doubt about your level, please contact DjSacha about it. Numbers will be strictly limited for the closed group, in order to get full attention from the teacher, and no extra admission will be taken once the course is started, in order to guarantee continuous progress.
The closed group class will be followed by another hour in the form of the usual drop-in class with the invited teacher, from 19:30 to 20:30. Then the party will carry on until 23:00.
This package is priced as follows:

  • Full access package: "all you can eat" Cuban salsa with top professional teachers for 6 weeks, including the closed group package above plus full access to the Cambridge Cuban Salsa drop-in class and party afterwards with a top national DJ. Price: £65. Students: £45.

Please note that this full access package corresponds to 6 weeks of complete salsa entertainment and tuition with top international teachers, including full access to the Cambridge Cuban Salsa Sundays for 6 weeks without anything extra to pay.
Students, please note: student cards will be asked at the door, and we reserve the right to claim the £20 difference or to refuse access if the student credentials are fake or non existent.


  • Etian Antuche Almeida and Ariel Rios Robert are internationally acclaimed teachers with verifiable credentials.
  • These teachers are usually available only in London or at faraway congresses. By taking this workshop in Cambridge, you are making huge savings on transport costs.
  • Their invitation to Cambridge is the result of a careful editorial choice, as their classes have achieved great results and have been appreciated by many other dancers around the UK.
  • These teachers have been introduced locally at the AfroSalsa Festival, and the feedback about their classes has been extremely positive.

TIME TO BRING YOUR CUBAN SALSA TO THE NEXT LEVEL: just join and enjoy this great opportunity to learn Cuban salsa with some of the best teachers available today in the UK!

Advance booking can be done:

  • Directly with DJ Sacha on Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings at the Cambridge Working Men's Club;
  • Online with the PayPal button below. Please note:
    • You do not need a PayPal account to book online, just use a credit card by clicking "Don't have a PayPal account?" on the checkout page.
    • We operate a ticket-free scheme. Your name will be registered on our list at the door. Please print your PayPal receipt as a proof of purchase.
    • Please bring your student ID if you booked at student price. We reserve the right to claim the difference or to refuse access to the workshop if a student ID can't be shown.
Booking options:

Thank you for booking, we are looking forward to sharing the excitement of this fantastic master Cuban salsa course with you!

-- Cambridge Cuban Salsa


If you came to the Cambridge Cuban Salsa (CCS) classes, you already know that the Cambridge Working men's Club (CWMC) is a fantastic venue, with a great dancefloor, lots of space to dance, convenient parking space, safe and clean facilities etc. But what you may not have noticed is that the CWMC is first and foremost a member's club distinct from the salsa organisation. In order for salsa to happen there in good conditions, the CWMC would like everyone to be aware of a couple of rules:

  • In order to use the bar or the club's parking lot, you must be a CWMC member.
  • However, non-members are allowed access to the salsa classes: it is totally fine to attend the salsa classes without being a CWMC member as long as you are not using the bar or the parking lot, and as long as you are signed in at the door.
  • CWMC members are allowed to bring up to two guests, so if you are a member you are allowed to invite other salsa people for a drink.

The CWMC membership fees for 2015 are:

  • £18 for first-time membership (which includes a £5 joining fee)
  • £13 for renewals
  • is even cheaper for pensioners.

We think that access to the bar, the free parking and other club facilities such as Sky TV, pool tables etc. makes it well worth taking the membership. But to make it even better, CCS GIVES YOU A FREE CLASS on the day you become a member!

Generally, taking the CWMC membership is helping CCS to keep a good relationship with the CWMC. Besides, the CWMC is a charity so your membership will also help with the club's social and educational goals.

Membership forms are available at the door when attending the salsa.

Many thanks for your support! -DjS


Happy New Year 2015!


Hope you all had a good holiday period and are starting 2015 refreshed and full of great New Year Resolutions. One of them being... Practice and enjoy Cuban Salsa!

ALL THE CLASSES ARE NO OPEN AS USUAL with DJ Sacha, Debora, Kambiz, Katriona, Peter and all the team! Details can be found on by clicking THIS LINK.

We look forward to meeting you there! :-)


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